Armona Orange Preserves 12.7oz (360gr)


Armona Orange Preserves 12.7oz (360gr)


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Armona Orange Preserves

Armona Orange Preserves glow with the orange-yellow luster of fresh, ripe Oranges.
With a unique nectarous flavor and a zing of tartness this is a golden, fruity preserves – neither too tart nor too sweet.
As we carefully pick up Oranges in Wild Mount Ararat Valley, Orange Preserves is the staple that’s sure to please everyone’s taste buds. Smooth with some chunks of Wild Mount Ararat Valley Oranges, it really hits home with the pure, vibrant, orangy taste.
Armona Orange Preserves bring out their delicious sweet and tart notes. So you feel as if you were eating the fruit right out of the jar. Each jar is full of large pieces of Oranges making your every bite a delicious treat.

Orange Preserves are the best match for your meal

As all other Armona preserves, Armona Orange Preserves are the perfect partner for any kind of dessert and breakfast. It perfectly matches with peanut butter, shortbread cookies, toast or biscuits. You can also use it as filler for pastries, croissant or on waffles, fold into a crepe, even in a recipe or as part of a sauce on roast pork and chicken.

Armona Orange Preserves are fully natural

All Armona production is done at their facilities in Izmir. We cook all our Oranges in controlled bursts with sugar cane, lemon juice and fruit pectin to best preserve the flavor and aroma of the fruits. There is 60% fruit content by weight in Armona preserves.
Following Rafana main mission to offer only healthy snacks. Because we created  Orange preserves as gluten-free, non-gmo, allergen-free and kosher food. In such way we made them suitable for customers of different needs.

If you are keen on natural food, we strongly recommend you to choose Armona preserves. We guarantee everyone who is looking for natural ingredients to order them to make life sweeter. We invite retailers and wholesalers to discuss our partnership agreement and become our distributors. 

Feel free to contact us.

Additional information


Orange, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid E-330), Pectin (E440).

Diet Type:

All Natural, Gluten Free



Unit Size (oz/gr):


Master Case:

12 Units / Master Case Size (210Wx280Hx130L(mm))

Shelf Life

18 Months


160 Master Cases On A Pallet / Pallet Size 48" x 40" (100*120cm)


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