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Partnership with Rafana™

Partnership with Rafana™

Rafana is a manufacturer and a distributor of bio snacks that provide healthy products of high quality and competitive prices to our all partners – wholesalers, vendors, suppliers and private label brands. Besides a standard agreement for partnership with Rafana, as a full circle manufacturer we offer our customers different services. We support our partners at all stages of our business– private label design, unique recipe, packaging, shipping and others.

What makes Rafana snacks unique?

Our team includes some of the most tenured executives in production and supply chain bringing international expertise for our consumers. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 22000, and BRC certified and always follow the contemporary tendencies in snack production. Our passion is rooted in improving the snack and healthy food industry. We do our best to extend the idea of a tasty, healthy lifestyle, and we never stop focusing on constantly diversifying our products. Today among Rafana snacks you can find natural and organic foods, that are vegan, gluten free, GMO free, MSG free, palm oil free, sugar free, protein, baked (not fried) products. It makes our snacks suitable for vegetarians, those who follow special religious dietary laws, healthy lifestyle and keep fit. We offer healthy safe snacks to all of our consumers: ranging from children to adults of all ages to enjoy. Also, people of different needs, religions and professions.

Does Rafana take private label orders?

Private label brand production is also one of our backbones. As a manufacturer Rafana is proud of  its unique quality and delicious taste of our healthy snacks. If you are also keen on them and would like to create your private label brand, we are willing to produce it for you. Our team is really honored to work on private label orders. Call us or write to us and we offer you an efficient agreement for partnership.

What is the core of partnership with Rafana?

Our company believes in partnership that inspires. We are committed to open communication and building the relationship where we can assist you with reaching your common goals. Everyone recognizes that our partners are an integral part of our success. So Rafana is open for vendors, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers in every country of the world.
Partnership with Rafana is based on communication, confidence and credibility. We truly believe they are the essential elements in developing strong long-lasted business relationship. While developing a relationship with our partners we seek for open communication, readiness to anticipate and find efficient solutions together.

How to start partnership with Rafana?

If you are keen on healthy snacks, share our mission and would like to become our supplier, vendor, distributor, call or write to us right now. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the agreement for partnership with Rafana. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    For wholesale inquiries, please contact us! We'd love to discuss the opportunity!

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