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About us

Rafana Inc. makes dreams of healthy snack come true

Inspired by sport, active lifestyle, healthy snack since their boyhood. Three friends realized their dream of useful and trendy food in 2018. Thus Rafana Inc. Started its story.

Rafana Inc. is a food manufacturer and a Los Angeles based importer. At the same time it is a distributor of specialty foods that has efficiently been serving the community.

Our biggest goal is to bring high quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. By doing this we can contribute to a world-wide trend of healthier and more sustainable snacking.

As a manufacturer we are specialized in producing high quality food corresponding the last demands and habits of different groups of people. We respect variety of tastes and traditions of every ethnic group. So we do our best to produce healthy snack for customers of all professions, religions and nutrition needs. In Rafana Inc. catalog you can find vegan, gluten free, GMO free, MSG free and palm oil free, sugar free, baked (not fried) products. As an importer Rafana Inc. carefully choose specialty foods before we offer them to our customers.

Healthy food is one of our values

Ingredients and traditions matter for us. Working on preserving & promoting them is something we are deeply passionate about. We believe that good food is integral to our social fabric. In these times where nearly everything is synthesized, automated, expedited, and/or truncated. We are thankful to the passionate farmers and artisans who produce the ingredients/goods we carry to our customers through our healthy snack.

Our company is constantly focusing on a commitment to service, quality and integrity. We believe in quality all around. We carry a great deal of snacks hazelnut spreads in many flavors. Various fruit jams, honey, oils, pastas. A range of chips, protein products, spices, herbs, chocolate, baking and pastry ingredients and much, much more.

Since 2018 Rafana Inc. provides the North American market with coverage through a network of distribution points across the US and Canada. But now we has expanded the business to where it imports and sells to several of famous food retail chains in Europe and Middle East. Some of our clients are with over 1000 retail outlets. And we never stop developing our partnership network. If you’re a wholesaler, a distributor or a retailer who would like to represent Rafanas™ products we would be glad to hear from you.