Armona Pure Raw Honeycomb 17.6oz (500gr)


Armona Pure Raw Honeycomb 17.6oz (500gr)


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Armona Honeycomb is a Gourmet Anatolia Valley Wildflower Raw Honeycomb.  And it is exactly what it sounds like. It is derived from the nectar of numerous species of wildflowers, plants or blossoms from the Anatolian Valley which are blooming during the summer months.

Armona honeycomb is always a new discovery because…

The taste, aroma and flavor of Armona Honeycomb will vary from season to season. Depending on which flowers are dominant at the time the nectar is collect. So our truly raw honeycomb can range anywhere from a very dark honeycomb to a light honeycomb. Every year it changes with what blooms are produc by what plants. Rainfall and weather affect what plants are produce. We can have various types of wildflower honeycomb in the same year. Due to different hive locations in the Anatolia Valley.
Most people like wildflower raw honeycomb for its various characteristics in taste. Simply take off the hives and bottled and will thus crystallize pretty quickly depending on the honeycomb variety. Some raw honeycomb will crystallize in as little as 30 days, and some will take many months or even years to crystallize.
Crystallization of raw honeycomb is a natural phenomenon. All you will need to do is place honeycomb jar or squeezable bottle in warm water and stir until the crystal dissolves.

It is your favorite dessert because…

Armona Honeycomb has a delightful taste and is a great all-around honeycomb to partner with peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, toast or biscuits. As filler for pastries, Greek yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, teas and a great source of nutrition.
If you like gourmet taste, natural snacks and new discoveries, we invite you to order our Armona Honeycomb to make your meal and dessert sweeter and healthier.
Rafana is always open for new contacts and cooperation. If you are a distributor or have other business ideas to extend Armona  brand  business, we would be glad to discuss our partnership agreement. Feel free to contact us.

Additional information


Flower Honey.

Diet Type:

All Natural



Unit Size (oz/gr):


Master Case:

24 Units / Master Case Size****

Shelf Life:

24 Months


50 Master Cases On A Pallet / Pallet Size 48" x 40" (100*120cm)


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